About Dax Brady-Sheehan

Dax is a design-centric, Digital Advertising Executive with a knack for building products that ship and run at scale. Dax started in Digital Advertising in 2003 and since then has had the opportunity to work on some great projects in a variety of languages, platforms and locations. What keeps Dax interested in Digital Advertising is the people he has had the pleasure of working with.

Dax currently advises a number of advertising technology companies on both demand side and supply side (buyers and sellers) challenges and opportunities. Prior to this, Dax helped build large Digital businesses at Gannett, Hearst and Sayers Technology.

Dax grew up in Buffalo, NY and has lived in Ohio, New York and Texas before landing in¬†Arizona. Dax enjoy’s winter in the mountains snowboarding and forever perfecting the craft of amateur Travel photography.

If you feel like asking Dax a question or would like to drop him a quick note, please do not hesitate.¬†Dax is an avid fan of opening doors for others, so don’t be afraid to reach out if you think he can help.

FAQ #1: What’s Dax working on in 2015? Family, travel, connecting good people with good roles and focusing on building communities both locally and abroad!

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